I sang the original

Les the Handyman Song

which everybody seemed to love. And I only did it for fun.

It will take a little time to load the video or, if you wish, scroll down to see more.

The reason I designed the on-line booking system was that it was impossible for me to do everything, so I decided to find people who are good at their crafts and customers can book them in too. I don't believe in sub-contracting and these people don't work for me either. I just refer them.


They are invited to be  in my virtual house and they do not pay for advertising.  I refer them because they are good at what they do.

I make my money

selling my on-line booking system.

for $45.00 U.S./YEAR and customers can buy them too.




In fact the new booking system will allow customer to get estimates from three trades people at once. I will show you later how this works. The New Virtual house also saves the trades person, using it, about 60 days worth of time a year who it is well worth the $45 they pay per year.

Customers will love the new booking system too because it has a new feedback system so it reminds the trades person to contact you if he or she will be running late and if so, allows them to to select from a list how late they will be. This will be good for you, the customer, because if you need to run out and do something, you will know almost exactly when they will be coming and customers really appreciate this.

This customers'  garage literally sunk into the ground.

We jacked it up, removed all the rotted wood,

re-built the bottom, and set it back onto concrete above the ground level, so the wood would never sit in water again.

It was not an easy job, but that guy will not have to touch it again for a for the rest of his life.

How can a contractor put in locks and door, backwards?

Unfortunately for you the customer, you have no idea who you are getting off the internet. That is why I created the new Virtual House.

I first starting using it in Canada and it has been running there for 22 years. I did all the testing then. In those days there were 5 steps in making a booking. Today.... only three steps. The new one automatically creates the web site for the trades person within the Virtual House and as soon as they purchase a subscription for the booking system, it just starts working with all the objects set up in the Virtual house. Cool EH??

Most of the companies we refer business to are smaller ones with one or two people in it. I was a handyman in Toronto. for about 25 years and many people thought I had 12 tucks on the road and had 20 people working for me but the reality was, I was by myself with one truck and one helper and a few programmers to create this system.

The only difference between me and everybody else was, that I was organized...right down to the filing system which I also created.

Here is the new Les the Handyman song.


I have never made a real skating rink the size of two back yards

but, as You can see, it worked out well.

I can't do these any more as I will not be in Canada's for the winters anymore. Doug was not only a customer he was ny neighbour and I did the rink for free for their kids.

After being in Business as Les the Handyman for 25 years, I decided to revisit some customers to see how my work was holding up.

I went to Europe in 2012, for 5 years because the only way I could afford to create the next generation virtual house. So I sold all that I had and came to Europe. I have been testing the new Virtual House and improved booking system on Europeans for the past year and I am happy to say it is finally finished. The booking system is much smarter too and allows customers to get estimates from trades people faster. It improved the old one at least by 20 times but without increasing the complexity to the customer. Others have tried to copy my system, but because I have a hands on approach and because I still can't stand computers, I was able to create something easy for everyone to use.

I still do not know why web programmers can't make things easy. The ordinary small business person just wants things to be easy instead of complicated.

Because without our customers none of us would have any businesses.

European References coming soon

I used to hang around all the actors because of my cousin and I met the nicest and most intelligent Hungarians I would ever meet. I remember the stories they would tell me about going out with Schwarzenegger, who really loved his cigars. I have seen my cousin in a few movies with him and other famous actors. Here before is Dorka. I was in a movie with her in Hungary.

My Hungarian Cousin was an Oscar winner. I saw him in main stream American films too. Every time I came to Europe he made sure I was in a few Films with him. It is hard work. But I didn't take it very seriously. He died in a car accident in 2005 but I have lots of funny video of us doing silly things together.

The New Virtual house will also  have  "my5-friends."   Here is how it works.


Europe in 2012, I was shocked to see that they were everywhere. And you know what? The design has not changed for 30 years. I have 25 improvements to it and no one here, wants to talk about them. WHY? Below is the best demo in the world for it. You should see the other demos for this product. They are terrible. And No one here wants to talk about any improvements. It is like I stepped through some kind of portal and ended up in the place where everything is just "stuck."  Yet the most modern cars, clothes and other designs come from Europe. It just makes no sense to me.

Now this is not my design but somone else figured out how to tow a vechicle, using some of our original design but without having the operator to get out of the tow truck. Now that is impressive




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