My life started

Born Toronto Dec. 17 1957

3:30 PM

Later Became (title only) Prince Charles But not the one you are thinking of and to use one of my other middle names? Boring!!! So in 2010, I asked my family that my status be lowered to something I can have fun with.

The outrage of my family  that I wanted to become a "Count." No one on the 800 year history as ever asked to be lowered in status. But now many  can see me as Count-Les's do you know? hahaheheehehe

Because I love to joke around and it took me 5 years to be lowered down to a Count, I can offially say that I am one.

Count-Les  hahaheheheh  Who cares anyway.  I have no castle and I am not King I do howver have a stong character and I do rule over my own domain


Leslie Charles Paul Stephen, Richard, Arpad, Bubik III

One day these are the thinks I would like to rule




But I like Leslie best because it was what my mother called me.

Everything about me is true.  No lies here.  Not even little white ones.  I am a one of a kind man.  I learned at a very early age that if you are organized and you want something bad enough, you can accomplish almost anything.


Well eventhough I exsisted here, I can't say that I started my adventure until I was at least 6 years old it was then when I started to remember everything and I still remeber almost every christmas I had.  Even the smells.



That's my dad and me below

I have no idea how old I was perhaps 1 or two

OK I am told  1.5



My mom and I.  She was always my best friend when I was a kid.

My parents made it a point to travel  all over Europe.  So while other kids were water skiing at their cottages (though I did some of that too) , I would be seeing few things mainstream tourists would ever see and that is something. I will always appreciate.  Thanks Dad.  I lost my mom in 2005. I will miss her. She showed me how to appreciate a good shopping spree....Yes I love to shop. This is when I started remembering things about my childhood and decided to put it all down.  This will show you that I had an amazing childhood because on line anyone can say anything but how do you really know any of it is true. 


The truth always comes out in time. 


I was already a model at 5  (just kidding not true)


When I got a "Tommy Gun" I had just opened this Christmas present.  I remember how much I loved that thing. 

I have had women comment on this that they could never go out with me because I owned a gun.  I was 7 year old, give me a break!!!  It's no wonder that the whole world is so screwed up.

Because I have a near photographic memory I remember  a lot more, like the smell of the tree and the smell of my moms perfume and stuff like that. 

 That is why I created this whole web site. For people to learn about the real me.

Also with all the fraud in the internet and people saying that they are this and they are that.  I support everything I say with pictures right down to every machine I ever created including electric bicycles and cars.    I don't lie i BELEIVE IN THE THINGS MY FAMILY BELIVED IN 800 YEARS AGO







I think I was 10 here.  I was in Allenby Public school and I was a Cub Scout  at St. James Church in Toronto (NO LONGER THERE)

Me when I was 5 in Germany as my dad was there on a 1 year contract.

The sign says  Dog are not allowed into the park.

My mom and I when I was 6

My mom was an elegant women and I miss her

this was in west  Berlin.  In those days there was an East Berlin


i was 7 here

school picture

we had to wear uniforms and I had a thing for the girl on my left.

My mother and I sitting at a coffee house  I think the Berlin opera is behind us but I got to find out for sure.  I was around 7. 

I had no idea  that my Uncle used to be the director of that place during  the second world war  but he also had his own  entertainment company. mY PARENTS WERE TIGHT LIPPED ABOUT THIS STUFF. His name was Arpad Bubik and he was involved in one of the attempts on Hitler's life.  Arpad Bubik got the people out of the county using his entertainment network in  Argentina.

Me when I was 9  in  the Swiss alps on the top of some mountain somewhere.

I was 10 here

While in Germany  I met a really nice girl.  I still remember her.  She really liked me and I was really shy.


I can't recall her name but it was something like  Wepke  but it was  40 years ago.

All I remember is she made me pretty nervous.

11  or 12  years old and  dropped off at a camp in Hungary with the rest of my fellow foreigners stretching from Australia to the U.S.

I was 13 here and it was my first job babysitting.  I made $5.00  I was really happy.

i was 15 here

I was 14 here can you pick me out of the picture above?  I've lots of stories to tell about my adventures and  mostly from this escaping.  The things we did when we escaped. We escaped so many times because we weren't  allowed out and we wanted t see the sites. 

Eventually we were given extra privileges because we used our mass numbers and the fact that our parents were paying a lot of money for us to be there.  Then we wanted our individuality. 

!969 - summer Camp 1

!970 camp 2 even stricter I thin they knew we were coming haaheeheeh



At 15 I watched a show on TV on how Igloos were build and after the show I made my own. My parents were always astonished.  But they found out later that I had a near photographic memory. I was being tested at this time while I was attending High School  called De la Salle College Oaklands run by the Christian Brothers.

It was easy and still is. I build lots of other things out of snow.  I don't even see people building forts  or snow men and women but I was doing it since age 8.  What is wrong with everyone in  this city?  How unimaginative  they really are. (that is when I was living in Toronto)

I remember I built this one when I was 7

My hands were freeeeezing.   All it was, was pilled up snow packed down and I gut a hole into it. 


Around 7 or 8  the "TWINS" as we called them

where my best friends for many years

I actually saw one of them about a year ago and I went up to her and said "hi.:" But she looked at me like I was on something, and I didn't press the issue.  I know many people cannot remember like me.  I am starting to forget things too so I decided to put it all here.  They are great memories and I had a great life.  I really feel for many people who have not even been out of Toronto.

13 or 14 and off to Europe again

This was the 2nd year I was at a Hungarian camp for the summer at Lake Balaton

Playing at the Summit tennis club, the people were too boring and snobby there for me, so I went on to find another hobby.

I was 14 hear with my mom at lake Balaton in Hungary - see Tihany in the background

15 and off to Europe again

went to Rovine then in Yugoslavia  now  Croatia I think.

Amazing hotel on the top of the  Hill.   I could never afford to stay there today.

My mom haggling at the Market in Rovine.  Canadians need to see what it is like to go to a real market.  That is the fun thing about it.  You never pay the marked price.

No one ever does.

Me in the middle with my cousin Bubik Istvan on the left, the other kid was in the same hotel.  He was from Germany  and came with us on almost all out swimming excisions

We swam into a nude beech by accident  It going to heaven.

Remember now we were 15. After a while it wasn't so interesting. And we moved onto other things.


Below is a picture of my Aunt In New York.  She changed the fashion industry and became a very well

known designer  when she was working for Mr. Givenchy.  I met him a few times when I was a photographer doing some layouts.


Here Is Edith Gati and Her Late Husband John  and My idiot cousins William on the left and My other Cousin Paul (A well known Violin player)  I remember going to sold out concerts  at Carnegie Hall I remember went I went out with Ofra Harnoy  when I was a kid that the news spread to my cousins in New York somehow.  I wonder where Ofra is these days? John Gati  was  a movie producer that that pointed a promising  movie maker in the right direction.  Can you guess who that was?  It starts with an "S" and ends in a "g."

Yes Spielberg.

This was in Ontario somewhere my dad on the right

Me at 19 and off to Europe again to stay with  a German family in Dusseldorf Heir Moller for the summer.  That was my mom on the right.


these mountains are known as THE SLEEPING GIANT in Austria, I think



They didn't have it. It was upsetting.  I didn't like it very much.  We only stayed for a few days.

Found another paper holder my dad made

on the right a Spanish sand stone carving which my mother was importing from Spain.

She has quite a business supplying a few stores in Toronto.



When I was 15 I studied Hungarian Culture and Language at the Sarospataki Nyari Colligium

While there I learned Hungarian Folk dancing and before we went in to Perform among the other students we were joking around in the courtyard of a castle.  Two of the girls were friends of mine from Toronto and the other two were Americans.  I remember when we started classes most of the guys were in.  But they thought it was feminine to dance and all quit.  By the time of the performance I was the only guy left.  Believe when I say, I didn't complain when I practiced with 18 girls.  It was.....GREAT!!!! THESE WERE 4 OF THE 18. BELOW.


I studied Hungarian  at the Saroshpataki Nagy collegium   (summer University) in Hungary and also studied Hungarian dance.  All the guys in the class dropped out because they thought dancing was "gay."  I was a lucky guy because I got to practice with  12 women and I am not gay. WOWweeeeeeee.  What a lucky guy I was. I was 16 here. 4 girls couldn't make it when the pictures were being taken

I has a crush or the girl on the far right.


I never cared what other thought.  I always did my own thing.  And ok there were always girls around and I loved it but  most were just my friends.  I can actually just be friends with women without getting involved.

My first Camera  below



Me at 17  when I started my fashion photography business

this is a self Portrait with the first two real models I had to shoot.

That's me on the right. (below)

My mom had my collect stamps  and that was good  for a while but I stopped after a while but I have some pretty cool stamps now.



I won many awards  for my pictures and  this was one of them.  The damn bird took off with my keys  and I tracked it to a tree, which I later climbed to find a nest filled with rings, money and all kind of treasured.  Thank got my keys were in there too.


Being  Royalty if nothing will get you invited to the right parties

But that is about it.  hahaheheheeh


Apple wine in Germany.  Now this was an amazing place.  We stayed in the hotel  and it was in the mountains I think but who knows.  Who knew what a great feeling you could get from apple juice.


What  I looked like in Wungan  ( I am not sure I spelled that right) and the women was the exchange student who stayed at my parents place while I was in Germany.  That is Her dog in my lap.



This one was Wungan im Algoy Germany where I learned how to Ride  at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna training camp.   I had lots of great friends there including a farmers daughter who attacked me  almost in front of her parents.  The parents were pretty cool people.  That was a fantastic summer.


Here I was about 20  and I just bought my first motorbike.  This bike was cool. But it shifted gears beside the gas tank.

I was 24 here below

I was shooting an album cover and usually fit  myself in

on some of the shoots








I hear later My Cousin Monica got Married , that is me  on the right behind my cousin.  It took me 5 years to grow that mustache. HAHAHEHEH


Below  On one of  my reading weeks when we went to the house in Florida.  Thank God for my parents houses all over the world.

It was a in a really nice part of town and  it was really big. But most important of all it had orange and grapefruit trees.

Not far from the house was a guy who had an armored personal carrier in his yard, a bunker in the basement and enough weapons to start a small war, just in case something ever happened.  This guy was ready  or anything. That is me in the tank. I was around 22

Another year going down to the house  I ran into one of these guys.  You see I  did a little of this and a little of that for them  And I will tell you abut the biggest drug bust in Florida's History. My device caught  the bad guys and I was invited to the bust.  it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen  or have been on.  I was given a bullet proof vest, and I had to sign  a paper in case something happened to me.  I was the fourth  guy though the door after the knocked it down with a big battering ram.




Pics missing to add later when I have time.  My date with the D.A.  in Florida. 


While at school i got a scholarship because I had the best hospitality and interior design thesis After Graduating  from Ryerson University in 1982,  i didn't go into design but was a resident manager of a hotel and lived on the top floor.  Just like in the movies.  i was 24 years told.   The hotel had lots of problems  with their food and beverage and bar and room sales and  front desk, and so one by one i went and fixed them all.  it was hard to ear the respect of the other people but one by one I did that too.  I doubles the profits of the restaurant among other  things but i hated my job because i was always there.


I also won recognition for many of my marketing projects and group presentation which were never shy of amazing.

When i was in the hospitality Industry, i designed restaurants and eventually started building them too. Mostly in Toronto and some in Hungary. menu design was very important. Your web store is your menu. i also had a background in Photography because it was always hobby of mine. So when I started to take pictures of food and put them on the menus, people responded better to that, then just text. also what they taught us was to describe in detail what the things are that they may not understand. 

After Graduating from Ryerson Polytechnical University, I worked in the hospitality industry for a while.  My first Job out of school was a Resident Manager of a Hotel.  I found quickly that the Hotel management area was not for me and fell back on one of my hobbies called photography.  I also worked for Ideal food and restaurant equipment designing restaurants. Before I went out on my own.



I used to do fashion photography and have been taking pictures for  over years.  I used to developed my own films and make my own prints too.  Here are some of the models and pictures I have taken of people



This was a 14 your old girl, and after the make up artist and hair stylist was finished with her,

this is what she looked like.  Her mother was astonished.


Most of these were done in s Studio but many can be done one on location









I still do photography.  The one above was a very good model and taught at Eli nor Flushers'

At one time, we where the Whose Who, in the photographic Business

I still am a very good photographer

I am going to give away all the negatives I have from the over 7,000 models we shot under the company name  of Fine Focus Inc.  Any models where where shot by Les, can make arrangements to come and pick them up.  There is no charge for them.   I have scanned in the ones I want to keep.

Shooting with animals is a very difficult thing to do.


These were not girlfriends.  They were models who hired us to  take pictures of them from the top agencies   in Toronto, New York and  even Germany  I bet you were thinking Paris.


By the time I got here I was shooting with Contax camera with Zeiss Optics

and Hasselblad too Bust my business partner was more into that stuff than me.



I was 23 here




Later  i went back to school to take electronics and  I had a 3.8 grade average

I was on the deals list and the percipients list, whatever that means

and i went to work for TD Bank

A year or two  later I was Les the Handyman

After my Cousin won  an Oscar, his life changed forever and so did mine.

As I entered the world of entertainment and was in a few movies with him. I played small parts but they were entertaining parts some with lines.


Also did lots of theatre photography

click here

for more pictures with me and my cousins in Hungary

I jump to 30 until I can find pictures to fill it in.

 ! was 30 here (below) and I was very interested in this women. 

I went to Cleveland, where she lived and bought a house  with her girl who later embezzled it out of me.

Her name was Nikki Di something

People told me that they could not believe she was like that but I quickly realized  it was not really her fault.  Most Americans are like that.  I almost married an American woman and found out  just how dishonest her whole family really was.  A story  which is in my book which I am writing.  I have has a few bad experiences with Americans, but not all Americans are bad.  I hope I find a nice honest one if that is in the cards.


I remember it quite well.  I lived in the house as I was renovating it, in a tent to keep the dust out. 


The industrial show.  A must see of the innovative machine Hungary was producing and I went with my dad who was a retired engineer.

 in a kitchen bathroom in galley air-conditioning monitors backup camera and the smoothest  ride in I never had on a bus.

Of course going to Hungary is nothing you don't speak to the locals. 

this is also an interesting machine, as it was very versatile and allowing many components to give tangent at different times for various tasks.


My dad ordered some fish that he didn't particularly like.


I thought this interlocking tiles very interesting as well.  They could be laid down over uneven ground for machines to drive over.  What a brilliant idea.

 A traditional plate in Hungary.  I used to go every year.


I was retained by the Family  librarian as the Family go for meeting and photographing family members all over Europe

Below was a great Aunt  111 year old remembered what the Czar of Prussia had a crush on her and gave her all kind of gifts, as I pointed one out and said that is very cool what is it?  Sparked a 4.5 hour conversation  of her youth.


On those days I was using a twin lens reflex Mamiya  Camera shown below.  This was a 2.25 inch film and all I shot was black and white.

She was 110 When I interviewed  her as  I am the investigator in the family to find out stuff. She told when when the was 16 that The Czar of Prussia was after her and she shows me al kids of beautiful gold boxes and other things she was given.  it is kind of amazing that she was able to hide all of that During two wars.  And still have it to show.  She died a few years later.  I spent all day with her.  She was one interesting relative.  She told me when she was a girl none of the roads were paved and that the motor car was not actually invented in the states.  It was Invented in Hungary.  It was Ford that made cars for a mass-market.  And "you could have any colour you wanted as long as it was black."

Mamiya C330

Most of the time when where was information about the family, I want sent to check it out.

Platl   was the original name and dates back to 1417 where some Cardinal was a member of the family court

talking with a cop

Hanging out with the girls.  At a party in Hungary,  WOW can they every dress nicely. They love to look good.


They were friends of a famous cousin a I  had.

These people know how to Party, so I party with them.  No sex, just dancing and hanging out

Same party at 6:01 AM

A friend

Getting back to the hotel at 8:36 AM

After 2 days of  partying  and playing in a movie.

here sitting with my late cousin Istvan


Bubik Istvan was an Oscar Winner

He won or best actor in a foreign film

this is him below. He was my best friend all his life.



A Parade in Tihany on Lake Balaton

I took these for their tourist board



a typical peasant house chimney not taken the same day as the picture above.  Actually it is another village  This is a copy of a 800 year old mud house you can almost heat with a candle.

 me taking the picture in a mass in a 1000 year old church that is me on the lower right corner.

the current priest of that church


A party at my house with my friends

when I first started

in 1987 - 88

People  said that my mustache made me look older.  Thank GOD.

I was 38 at the time

I got rid of it when I was in club med and wanted to go snorkeling and couldn't because the water kept coming in my mask when diving so I shaved it off.


In 1998 or there about's I used to rid with a group of people in an anal cycling group.  Many were jealous of me because I had a successful business and I had a sense of humor  I think.  People started to want to hang around me and they liked that even less.  I was there just to ride. 

I cycled for about 2 years with them until I could do it no more.  Now I cycle by myself, but I have a good sound system on my new bike and it keeps me occupied.  I'm in green in the back 4th from the left.

When I was riding with theses guys and gals, this is what I was riding

Now you can see the same  shock absorbing system on my recumbent which I had build for me a few years later.


In 1999 after enough politics with that cycling club I designed a bike which would be so much fun to ride, that I would actually do it.  And come next year I will be doing lots of it

That is what happens when an over achiever combined with an ambitious and driven business man.

I wanted something no one has, and still  6 years later  they are just getting around to copying some of the things on it.  It is OK.  it does not bather me in the slightest.  This year 2007 - 8 I will motorized  trailer with a solar assisted power pack which I Designed and it will help me get up big hills.



Ride for heart I did every single year since it started.  Here I was invited by a friend on left and his wife to ride with them.

I rode  the bike I designed  for about 6 years See it below If you don't watch so much TV, you to can do many things with your life.

2001 Austria


Spanish Riding School of Vienna

where Ilearned how to horseback ride. I heard Felix retired many years ago.  He would remember me!!!

Mozart's house

I went to the opening of this Art gallery

This is what the Art Gallery looks like from the outside  and 

What it looked like from a distance

Candy store in Vienna  MMMMMMMMM  Yummies

the gummies taste out of this world there.

On may way to Prague by car, saw these doors in a small village.  below


I was 42


at 49 this is what I looked like.

2001 Prague

I found a church with our family crest carved into one of the pillars

In  those days it  was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire


in 2014 I met a nice woman who wans a descendant of the Frankopans, Zirinski's and Subic Royal families. She told me that we are good enough friends to add them to my web site so here are some very cool crests. Her family owned part of Europe, put kinds in Power and owned most of the castles around their domain. Just search their names on Wikipedia. It is good reading, Her family can be traced back to the Romans. Now that's Impressive.



A picture from the top of some fort


Taking a tour.

Where my hotel  was

Inside the church at the castle


The castle entrance in Veszprem near Lake Balaton in Hungary


inside the walls of that castle


A classroom at a University inside the building below

A university in the same town as the castle

inside the courtyard of the university


The theatre in Budapest.  My late cousin  in the middle

Back stage with a very famous Russian Producer



Another cousin centre stage is a Ballet Dancer

Here in a special show celebrating Hungarian Costume and dance

Radishes at the market


beautiful hand painted eggs


old amour.  Can you imagine wearing that stuff on a hot day.  I put some stuff on one day to see what it must have felt like and then I had to go to the washroom hahaheheheehehe



One of the metal badges put on walking stick of Germans and Hungarian  to show where they have been.  More more you have  the more places you have been.

this is the came of a old Hungarian Man 102 years old

I met him in 2004 in the Kings Castle

This guy had about 30 on  his cane and he wanted to tell me about every single place he went.

I love old people because they have so much to say  but many people don't really want to listen.  it is a shame.


A stork in a next .  A very rare site these days as pollution  have just about wiped them out.

They say it is very good luck when you find one.

You found one to.  perhaps you found me.  Perhaps each other who knows.





What's that???


I have some pretty amazing experiences to share  and eventually tell me some of yours. 

What it is like when you do not have a party to go to.

Halloween 2000

I wanted to win first prize


I won 1str prize, 2nd prize 3rth 4th and 5th even though there was no 4th and 5th

I have to find a picture with the completed costume, I put together.

The Parrot sewed to my shoulder, the eye patch and the swords. and fake crooked teeth.


I would smile at women , and you should just see their faces.  It was priceless. It was better than Master Card  I also got an empty bottle of Captain Morgan's rum, with colored water in it and pretended I was drunk.  I wish I had video taped it.  When I went into the Royal York Hotel, the tourists thought, I was hired by the hotel.  I have not had so much fun for years. I was 37 here


That was the best Halloween I ever had.




This was a very boring place.  Quite and after 3 days of it, I wanted to leave.  I told them they could keep 1/2 my money, just get me out of there.  I traveled alone  so it is important for me to have some fun. 

Some people who there called  us the "Les group."  Many people who wanted to hang out with me because it was more fun. I will never go to club Med again. What an rip off. So I went out on my own excursions And did my own things.  I rented jeeps and busses and hired guides and started to have am amazing time, until I came back only to eat. 

Diving for konk


Don't ever go to club med.  It is a rip off.




Don' follow us! Were lost too!


I built one very big sand castle.  i wish I had an after picture.

I love to sale and can sail these easily.  i like a good 44 ft star  which I can sale by myself under full sail.  I used to race them  many years ago/

The accommodation and food was great but the company was not. I could hardly wait to get the hell out of there.   it was like a prison for political.

i was so board, I just went around the whole time and tool pictures of everything. Then people started to complain, according to club med, that i was taking pictures of everything.  I am a tourist  you morons!!!

Many times, I felt like i was the only one there.  the excitement they

promised me was...well... 

I will never go to Club Med ever again.


Halloween 2001 Dressing the house

See the witch on the left.  it says on the Sign



New York Bike A thon 2001






Washington DC  2002

Bike-a-hon and Langley Virginia

Me in the Washington Post

I was in the same newspaper as the director of the C.I.A.  and the president of the United States Cool Eh.  The Secret Service guys even let me ride my bicycle beside the while house.  Cooooool

I was just not allowed to take pictures  but that is OK

that is me  front and centre Riding the bike I designed below

here is a better picture of it below.



I did not design and built this one.  it was already nearly perfect.  i just added a few things

like the carrier in the back and the radio in the front and  the bike alarm.

When I was hired by  a translating company to help the police.

Translating English to Hungarian  and Hungarian to English







Europe 2001 When I was in a movie with my cousin  called Istalo


You have to understand the scope of how famous my cousin really was, in Hungary..  he was as famous then that Schwarzenegger is to us.   He even has an Oscar, for best foreign film.   So he is no small fry.  The thing is that he was my best friend.  And he died in 2005.  OB had lots of fun before  then,  like in this film.

Below, one of the actors, "Dorka" was helping me with my lines.

Dorka Gryllus  AND Bubik Laci

Below with continuity expert.  It was this person's responsibility to make sure that this flowed from one scene to the next.

I had no idea what the complexities of making a film were when they decided to put me in it.  Because they gave me lines, they had to fly in writer to add them.  It turns out I played an excellent German tourist.  And when they brought in a busload of extras I was the only one headlines.  The funny thing was that it was during dessert and I was sitting there in hall.  You see the movie and the girl dork up with the server in the movie. 

 in the script, this was during a desert time in the movie,  I looked down at on my plate was the most amazing looking desserts I've seen in years, so I decided to eat it and in the middle of the taken, director says  cut.  And asks "what are you doing Leslie?"   and I say am eating the cake.  The director says: "you're not supposed that."  And so he had to shoot it again that new piece of cake.  But on the second taken was perfect.


It was a lot of fun.

  Here, there are putting on makeup before might scene.


This was one of the cameras that use are ruled by a series of tracks.  Two or three guys pushing this card while the cameraman was swinging it around same time .it was pretty cool.  But it is not the first the outset

after a hard day of shooting, these guys would go out and have a game of soccer.  Of course they would celebrate by drinking lots of beer and then they would go out drinking afterwards.


all of these three guys above are actors feed on the left at be in the middle I don't know who the guy on the right is.  this film was Shot near  the "Horobag  planes" in Hungary. 

they would drive the actors back and forth every time they were needed.  It was a long trip.  Depending on where an actor lived,  could have been a several hour drive. 

because there were so many famous actors play in this movie, they have to be guarded by the military and sometimes by police escort.   and they took us to the original site.  A lot of fun.  I've never seen so many military and cops in one place before. 


Because the setting was in a riding stable, we have an unlimited use of the horses and ride every day.   show off my skills which I learned that the Spanish riding school of Vienna.   The sources were pretty smart to be understood me.

This is not me in this picture, but a horseman.  They could make the worst lie down on command, while snapping a whip.  No horses were ever hurt.  

The producer of the movie  is on the left.

The producer  of many Films in Hungary.   He thinks I am a hoot.  I was in two of his films with my cousin

and this guy on the right, is another famous producer From France.


when they picked me up in Budapest they also picked up Dorka  who almost slept the whole way, as she was also working in the city.  All these actors work very very hard.  Doing this made me realize I don't ever want to become an actor.  Though I'm not afraid of hard work, it is well beyond that.

What dorks looks like when she was sleeping.  Dorka is one of the most

famous actors in Europe and is also a friend of mine


Europe 2002



Montreal 2003

Out for a ride  - I usually do not rent these things  but it is better than a cab in a place where I

 really can get lost easily


When I rented it for a few hours, I had no idea how big it really was.

it was kind of a waste of money  but once in a while you have to do it.





champagne and seafood.  I am in my element here.

it was in this restaurant and it was excellent.


Then i went ot a real working village of  pioneers  and thought i would do some carpentry work in a real shop


The Canadian fort which was never used to depend against an attack from the Americans

All the stuff works.  it is impressive

How is it they could build this stuff  but we have nothing that works today





When I was in the Dominican republic to look at construction projects, I decided to go into the  jungle and  do my own tour and here are some of the interesting people I bumped into. Remember that I cannot speak  Spanish.

Nov. 2003

A lumber yard and hardware store have everything you need to build a house even though most are made with concrete.

Guarding bricks so they don't "disappear."


A Dominican Republic Hardware Store

Screws by the Kilo


The local pharmacist and her assistants

I visited many construction project because i want to see  how things are being built all over the world.  Here the foundation is built like the Canadians do theirs. No big deal. They don't have a winter they have to deal with, but  I would use concrete not block.


On the mountains by the Haiti border


Some nuns and a priest


Great ad

Took a tour and got to the boat before the rest of the tourists


The side of a hut people were living in



I am a good photographer,,

I have been doing it for  35 years


A fort near the ocean

It is better without all the tourists


Just a person in a village. I have no idea where I was.  That was all the fun in it.  Almost everyone I know need to know where they are going.  I just need to go.  That is the difference between me and everybody else.  The only way you will have adventure is when you enter the unknown.  I like that.

Can you find the turtles.  What you you do if two of them swam up to you?  The two of them were bigger  than a VW.  I think they thought I was  lunch.

14 And beautiful.  I met her and her family up in the mountains.  They thought I was lost.

Jungle patrol on boarder near Haiti

Walking in the jungle and came  to a watering hole with really cool looking rocks in the distance.  Then  I get a little closer.  See what is at the top of the picture. 

No!!  I did not wrestle the alligator!!!



But I did see some cool things in the trees.  if you stay really still for a long time, then the animals come out.


One Ass is just like another










Hey?  What did you think I was talking about?






Hanging out with the guys  and then on my way.

At first they didn't want their pictures taken but eventually it was no problem. 

Surprisingly  the construction methods are very similar to Europe



The sergeant, the Police captain and me.  I just wanted to  see what the police station looked like inside.





Nice looking iron works and how they open and close.  But it should be on a hill, when when it closes gravity takes car of it, and when it opens a machine is used.  This would reduce the energy consumption my 1/2


A lucky shot.  It was sitting in a fence and it took me an hour and 1/2 to sneak up too it.  While I was crawling through the grass, some snake crossed paths with me.  I almost had a heart attack.  I did not recognize the type of snake.  I just remained frozen until the snake decided to make his own way away.


I took all the pictures  myself.  A work of caution, don't go by yourself.  I am the entertainment when I go away.  I just wish someone would entertain me for a change.

interesting wall with no mortar used





Balconies in Busdapest

Being silly with some of my cousins.  One was very famous so sometimes when we went out we would conceal our faces so he would not get swarmed


A very common hand carved gate. In Hungary, which only comes from one region.  I want to learn how to make these.  They even have bird houses built into them  at the top because birds eat insects.  Cool EH?



This is a picture of a very old church  near my fathers country home  at Lake Balaton


Back to Budapest below

Tow away zone.  Logo like the tow truck I designed

Don't forget to go around the posts.  HAHAHEEHEE

I can't believe they had to put lines around the polls.



Very creative store.(above)  Don't take pictures in their malls. (BUDAPEST) they will run up to  you and ask you if you have permission  to take pictures.   I swear!  I had to sneak this one in.  If you go to some museums they charge extra if you wan to take pictures and even more if you want to take video.  (DON'T ASK ME WHY - I THINK THEY THEY THINK THAT VIDEO CAPTURES MORE THAN A PICTURE SO IT SHOULD BE WORTH MORE)  But my camera just looks like a camera, so I video taped everything so I could get my moneys worth.


A special Hungarian Design which require no eves.  The water just runs off the roof.  Cool Eh?

Why can't we design such houses?


The entrance to a castle in Vesprime  close to Lake Balaton. 

Inside the gates of the castle entrance (above)

A Hungarian decorative plate.  Hand Painted.  I have a collection of these which my mother left me when she died.


Couple of my cousins the one of the left died in a car crash a few years  in 2004

Another picture of Istvan  who died  a few years later in a car crash.  See his car after the crash. (below)

Me at the airport


I took this picture in Veszprem 2003



looking at a very new construction site in Budapest I was 47 at the time

Hungarian Folk Dancing commemorating my cousins death, It is one of my other cousins groups


Figuring out what picture to put on all the vans and trucks


Selecting the right picture for the backs and then deciding not to do it.  Could not trust  them to do the work and the son, was not ambitious enough.  Too bad.  It could have been a gold mine  but I can't do something like that my myself.

A really good friend of mine.  Just a friend who eventually  married one of my cousins

Hungarians think the more space they have the more

writing they can put on the side of their trucks. (I should be the one to talk)

Too complicated and not creative.  Mine are different.

One telephone number is all you need. Can you imagine trying to write one of these phone numbers down?

Out with my friends. 

it is the only place in the world where you can have a women friend . 

Here, in Canada,  you can't do that;  It seems.



This car is make out of paper called a "Trabont" and is front wheel drive.  There used to be lots of things during the cold war

Now they are harder and harder to find.  I love this car.  Here is a  cool one.


A view  at Lake Balaton

My dad picking wild  flowers for my mom.  They were her favorite


Another View of Lake Balaton from  another side.

Where my dad went to University in Austria for Engineering


My dad and my  mom in the Toronto House in the 70's and 80's

My dad made all the furniture.

Even the paper holder below

My mom in Paris when I was around 5

She modeled for Vogue  While  her sister was a designer for Givenchy in New York City. Cool EH?

Me at 28  or 29???

My friends Wine cellar in Paty outside Budapest in Hungary (below)

Now when I go to Hungary. I visit him

a painting of a typical landscape in Hungary

I go to Hungary all the time because my dad lives their  now.  So I have a few places to stay and a whole whack of cousins.  Some 850 who I will never meet unless I will the lottery. Who can tell the future?

Avery common European gate which most people would never get here because it is too expensive but the European pay much more for it then we would and they still do it, because if it is built well, it will last forever and then it is worth it.  You can see on the top of the gate that there is a roof and it is even shingled.  This protects the gate, and it lasts much much longer. This fence  and gate will not have to be  touched for 5 - 10 years.  Not even the stain.

My friend Timmie. 


A market in the Ukraine below


Some women in the market, as curious about me as I was about them.

Buying 15 different types of honey.  Mmmmmmmmm good.


People eat this stuff every day and wash it down with vodka  YUK

This is called Shadhlink. It is the best thing I have ever tasted. And it is Only available  in the Ukraine, I think. No chemicals, no preservatives or hormones or anybodies in this meat.

Entertaining the locals.  The women in the middle works for my dad full time.  She runs his house hold.


If you go to Europe  then the Gypsies will find you and beg for money (below)


2006 they were still making shoes the old way.


A Hungarian cop and me.  Hey they work hard and they have a terrible and dangerous jobs.

But they are well equipped  now.  And I think they can do their jobs better.

Another one.  I like to meet them in every country.  Even when I was doing extra goodies behind the iron curtain.  Those where very different times. And I am writing a book about that.

in 2004,  a cousin very close to me, got into a fatal car crash. (below)

My cousins car.  Bubik Istvan  after the accident in 2005


A peasant selling flowers in the street near the Kings Castle called the "Var."

A better translation  is fortress.

Typical street  up in the Kings castle in Buda .  People lives in those houses that are almost a 1000 years old.  Why can't we build things that last?



A beautiful Hungarian women, I was talking with in a store. 

Instructions on how to use the parking meter.  You should see the one  for the pay phone. 

What retard figured this out?


A another good friend  of mine in Hungary. Eppy here above when he was addressing his feeling towards my dead cousin. 


Stamps my mom make me collect when I was a kid.

First stamps of Hungary


A couple of houses I helped my father build just outside Budapest.  Cool eh? The white thing is make out of stone, concrete mortar  and ceramic.  The only wood  in them are the trusses holding up the 1 ton roofs and   they are all 6x6's  and 8x8's and 10 x 10's   Cool Eh????  This house in the front was a peasant house converted into a garage and an apartment.  My father wanted to mow it all down and just put on house on it. Thank God he listened to me.  There is  a smaller house to the left , where the "Sheppard", who tended to the animals in the old days, lived.  We are going to make that into a shop.  Under it is a wine cellar  almost the size of the white house.  Cool Eh?  There is no wine in it.  But if I have anything to do about it, I will at least get some old barrels and put them in there to have a feel of a wine cellar at least.


I have some really cool stamps in my stamp collection


This is not my car.  But how can a guy afford  car like this  unless he works for the YOU KNOW WHO.

SEPT. 2006




Amazing church near the castle

June 28 2010  I decided to find myself a women.  First  I went light with just one single site and by the time Jan rolled around

I was in Lava life,, Eharmony,Zoosk, and Plenty-o-fish  .  All a waste of time  so I created this to help me find one but  I am not holding my breath here either


I took this picture  I Wuv wabbits




Working on my book

other sites to sort

Dominican 2008

and my new life is hanging out at the gym

With the exception of  one year in Frankfurt Germany and Versailles France for one year as well in the states.



Hanging out with my best friends wife (will take a minute to load)



Please send me some pictures of yourself not hiding behind things

three  pictures  not more than 1 year old.



Sept. 29-30 2007

My photography in Toronto



going somewhere?

Tell me what you think of my pictures

 I became too  famous in Toronmto and things were getting out of hand

It was too much fame and my Les the Handyman  song was...well too good

I needed to escape.  But how does one escape their own life.  Can anyone do it >  Well I tried and moved to a

palce where no one knows who I am

 in 2012 I has enough  of Toronto

this was the first thing I bought.  Click on it to see what I did with it.


I love it here in Europe

 Now I have opened a new

chapter in my life

this is what I am working on to improve the

way services are done in the home






I have started my own version of  Les the Handyman

But without the fame or so \i am trying





I am still inventing things and at least it is better now because

I built my own shop in which to create my masterpeices


hook lift



And Now I am closer than ever to my families heritage and every chance

I get I do a little travel to find out more about my ancesstors


and i did it asll in two years.  that has got be be some kind of a record.



Czech Republic


Their money


Yes A Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Bruno and the food is better there

What do you suppose they sell there?

this is just a regular cafe.  WOW have we got a long way to go.

A typical street in Bruno in  the Czech Republic

I told this women I would put her on the internet.  She did not believe me.  But when I say I am going to do something  I do it.  I have always been that way.  I do not make thing up.  If you don't have your honor or your word, what have you got?






Good things for sale in the market in the Ukraine

everything is of the highest quality.  Even the cookies.

Not at all like the junk they sell us here.

Here is a store that understands Capitalism.  They have a web store on the top floor, a computer store there too, a digital photo studio, and passport office and  a store for women's beauty supplies.   They are doing very well.  

Passport pictures within the hour.




Timmie, make sure you get a discount in the things you do there.


Computer store



This was in a Town called Ungvar I think.


When I first saw this thing I just about had a heart attack.  It is a cold war Russian tank.  I think it was just left there and now  it is just a memory of the past.  It was the Russians  that invented slanted armor. Just a little bit of History for you.

I cannot remember the city I saw this in but I almost tuned off the road.  There was a time  when I was closer to tanks bigger than this during the cold war, when I have been photographing them and other military equipment in my previous life.  I don't miss it.  Nor do I want  to go back and do it again, but I could help an organization with their intelligence.  Something we can all use a little more of.


A flourishing business in the Ukraine

a photo store, as passport place, a web place and a computer store and more.


My guide and best friend  in Europe

I have no doubt she will be more famous than me.


This will be our house after I will the lottery.

Getting treasure

This well  was so deep (360 Meters before they hit water - like a gerbil, a guy would walk inside the wheel (to the left) and that wheel turned  a shaft with rope on it (there is no rope today)  which pulled up the big pail full of water.


An old girfriend of mine 

This picture was taken in my dads condo in Budapest. 2006  There I can have a women friend and she is really my friend in ever sense of the word but in Toronto...Ya...forget it!  We thought we may go more than friendship, even marriage  but found that  it is better than we just stay friends and we still are.

My friend posed for some pictures.



The famous Notre Dame church which I have seen many times before.

I think this is Napoleons tomb  but I was not listening much to the tour guide because he could barely speak English.

There were so many people everywhere  you could hardly move.

  It was just easier to  stay on the tour bus.


I was alone in Paris  because my dad wanted to see it 

and cancelled  at the last moment.  Nice Guy. EH?


Lore Valley France 2007



One hell of a house



I met the Count who owed this one.  This is a picture of his riding stables.

I met the Count.  he was a cool guy.  i have his card somewhere.

He looks almost like one of his ancestors.  It is uncanny.

This is what one of the ceiling look like in his house.

Train back to Paris

Met some cops on the fast train (600 km/hr)

Took the fast train from Paris  to

 Germany 2007





2007  bruno






Not the horse silly.

A horse that really wanted to reach out and touch  me.  He or she

wanted just to hang out.  All I did was talk to it and  people just

didn't get it.


A 102 Year old lady at the train station in a small city in Hungary

This was the same train station who said that they acknowledge that I have a return ticket but I have to buy another ticket so I can get a seat! WOW how they love to rip off the people.  Be careful when Buying a train ticket.  You will need 2  one for the trip and one for the seat.  It is not expensive but  why in Gods name can't they sell one ticket?


Fucked up?  You bet it is.  This is the same country where the politicians  have been selling hospitals and nations monuments  to the YOU KNOW WHO. 


Yes a Burger King in Budapest

A better picture of the old lady.  This is not my mother.  I just thought she had interesting features and asked if I could take her picture.




Some of the sites. Did you know that the Russian were the first to develop "sloping" armor on their tanks?   It is still in the design even today. With the most modern tanks. 

The Leopard Tanks is the best in the world today  made by the Germans.

Things you find in the garden  of a an ex- general in the Russian Army



The Study of European log cabins

and building techniques.

The Ukraine 2007

A carved support column


How corners are locked together

Built right onto the ground however the permafrost is not as deep as it is in Canada



One type of window but I will use plastic because it will transfer the cold less

This log cabin design is ever 500 years old.


how the roofing worked.  a single like this (3 ft long)  would ensure that the roof would not leek for at least 80 years.

This still use this type of construction even today to hold up those tile roofs

I say this newly contracted for an addition to a hotel.  The whole base is make out of  concrete.

going back to another type of construction in the Ukraine which was a good 600 years old


A fenced in porch





This is one heavy duty window frame



A church in Ungvar in  UKraine 

Even I thought God was there.


This was built before there ever was a CANADA or North America

A typical gate in town

The church from the outside.  Just think. They built all this by hand. 400 years ago.



discovering Toronto 2007


Hand made chocolates at Kensington Market hmmm they arte better than sex



My friend Tom who owns tom's place in Toronto

the fish market

fruit market

Music store

Even a great Pizza Place/  Doesn't that make you Hungry?


I need to find a good stand for my chop saw   but could not find anything really good so I combined 2 different things and now have the best one in the world.


picture to follow

II am just going to keep this to myself


The legs of this table are very hard to open and close.  Who designed such an amazing  top and such a crummy bottom.  it is like having a Mercedes top and  no wheels.





Flowers out of my dads garden in his summer home outside Budapest

taken 2007 and here are some more.  It is customary to bring flowers of your mom, or visiting, or your aunt or a women friend.  I brought flowers for a women here in Toronto and she said  that  I shouldn't have.  I mean she was angry and said to me it was inappropriate.  I think women should go back to school here and  learn how to receive a gift. 


Last week  when I was out on a exploratory meeting with a women,  Oct. 6th.

I was told by her how to tip the waiter because I didn't do it properly according to her.

I have a long list of things.  But I also said to her I was going to bring you flowers and  I got this look from her thinking to myself, I should never mention the flower thing again to anyone.

5 years ago I got flowers from a women.  I thought it was a very nice gesture.

Fun 2010

What I look like today.

 Well I have lots some more weight.

I am on a mission to loose even more.