I can do many things but I cannot  do  everything.  Now Peter is helping me with it. Please make an appointment with him and the others on my new site. You will be happy with the results.

My on-line appointment system was designed to make it easier to use than you think. I now sell them too. I listened to what my "technically challenged" customers cried out for and came up with the simplest thing possible and now they love me for it.

It took me 6 years with four people to do the whole virtual house, the booking system, the contact management, system the voip voice mail, including the side deals and contract with other providers top make the while system work. You will love it and every time you come back you never have to sign in again because my system remembers who you are. All you need is your password.

 The people who I am referring to you are trades I trust and most I have been using for years. My customers use them too.  They do not work for me nor do I sub-contract them. They give me a small referral fee. It is the same as everybody gets when they refer business to each other. And the whole System is free for trades people and customers alike.

These people on my site do not pay for advertising.  These have been hand picked by me and eventhough I don't get much from them, I still check up in their work from time to time.

The great thing about my on-line appointment system is that it works 24/7 and you can make even multiple appointments with with trades.  This allows you to have several people show up at the same time, saving you and the trades people lots of time by putting everyone on the same page. Try it!  It is easier than you think.

And why go through all this trouble? I hear you cry.  Because I care about every single customer and I tought myself programming, so that I could design alll my own web pages, so I can adjust things to your needs and wants fast. As most of you know, I don't sleep much.  I serve.


the phone number is the same 416 484 4611 but there is really no need to call me. Soon you will be able to just book me in and email me what you want as well as send me pictures of the problems


www.ifix.hu  you can see how the new booking system will work here. Right nowI have been testing it in Europe because I already have 24 cities and people that want it here, but I also miss fixing thungs, so How do you have the cakeand eat it too. Well In the summers I am going to come back and be Les the Handyman and in the winters I am going to hang out here in Hungary.


What can I do for you?

  • I take before and after pictures of all the things I do for you.
  • I am qualified to work in the European Union and speak Hungarian and German as well.
  • I worked for Ideal Restaurants designing and building "turn key" restaurants.
  • What does my truck look like inside 
  • I clean up each day, even if the job is not complete
  • Tenants get to use a booking system, which allows them to make appointments with me.
  • My system sends you an email  to let you know what date and time was booked
  • You want to book me in directly - you can sign into my system
  • My system allows plumber and an electrician to show up at the same time?
  • I do not subcontract - you pay the other trades directly
  • I have my own vacuum, broom and dust pan
  • I put drop sheets down when I am plastering or painting
  • I put wet paint, stain, caulking, concrete, adhesive and more signs when I leave a job
  • You can re-arrange appointments on line 24-7
  • I can email your bill to you where ever you are
  • You can cancel appointments on line
  • Reminder emails are sent to everyone involved if the job was booked well in advance
  • The on-line booking system is rented to landlords with other projects on the go.
  • I report to you about the condition apartment
  • And will let you know other problem areas, if any
  • If you need estimates from tra  
  • You may send e-money transfers to  pay bills.
  • Left over materials can be taken to the dump for you. Same rate applies.

See my work below

Access Panel Animal Barriers Attic Modification
Basement Storage Basement bedroom Brick repair
Closet Bird House Ceiling Moldings
Custom work Custom thing Cupboard door  
     iNTERESTING garden clean up
Deck Modification Deck small repair  Steel frame steps with wood steps
Deck Work deck big one  Custom thing (very cool)
Deck Extension Deck Modified Drain cleaning  at grate
Deck Repair all Deck small repair  Door repair crack in door
Door Repair of edge  Deck cleaning Door Kitchen repair 2
    Floor cap for drain installed.
Fence? Floor fixing Fixing the edge of a door   
Floor replacement Fort removal Garbage hutch - animal proof
Gap Garage door repair Garage Organizing  
Gate Replacement Gate repair Grate cleaning 
Hang up stuff Hide electrical box I found a hole in my floor. 
Insulate a wall More Space Ikea stuff assembled
Painting steps More Playground Kitchen cabinet door repair
Paneling Major deck fixing  Lattice repair and paint 
porch repair Playgrounds Picnic table and other stuff removed
Privacy more Railing Rotted floor
Shelf again Organize Garage Space for more shelves
Sub-floor modify deck  Sub-floor replacement
steps leveled Sills repaired
Steps 10


Staining Steps

Landlords will love us because they can give their select clients one of our links and those tenants can book us in directly, to do whatever

and we send the bill to the handlard for those things they are responsible for, and we ask the tenants to pay what they are responsible for and the landlord looks great.


We can arrange  to get your tenants some booking systems during a construction  job so they can book int he appointments and you do not have to play telephone tag with them

We host on on line for free

Your tenants can use it  for certain types of repairs

We will do free customization for you

How can it be free?  We want feedback to make our booking system better so for Les the Handyman , property management customers, your booking system is for free.


A.  The tenant must put in the name of your company, so I know where to send the bill

B.  The location of the property, which city, town etc.

We can customize the booking system to suit your  system and  if you don't have a system yet, you can use ours on line.  It will save you lots and lots of time. 


If  I have to go past 401 and Dixon Rd to the west, I start to charge for travel time at my regular rate of  $75.00/hr.   There is no additional charge of mileage or gas.  Those are included in the travel rate.

The same for north of HWY 7 and east of Kennedy Road.

I go all the way south to the lake.

I charge for my time if I need to get materials for a job I am doing for you.

All invoices will be sent by email.  Before and after pictures of all jobs will be taken and also sent to your email address.

I expect to be paid right away.  You can mail me a cheque, but I appreciate payments on line.

 What if you don't not Cancel it and don't show ?




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