Telephone, Email and SMS Tag

not only is a waste of time, it can be dangerous as well.

It also REDUCES YOUR PRODUCTIVITY AND YOUR BOTTOM LINE, because it wastes all kinds of time.

This demo shows us

  just how much  we have complicated our lives.




I used to be like most of you, spending  all kind of time calling people back who called me  today, yesterday and sometimes from weeks ago too.  One day I sat down to figure out how much time I was wasting  on it. And you know, I was shocked and had to do something about it.

Not only did I create a booking system that saved me and my customers all kinds of time.  I also created a contact management system as well.  That will be available for sale  sometime after June  2015 and if you are a busy person, it will save you about 30 days worth of time a year and it even has a built in easy to use referral system and communicates with the booking system; eliminating the need to type things over and over. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!!


Do you know the secret to success? Having the time to do the things you need to do when you want to do it.

Most people  can't make time or keep running out of it.

I have figured out a way to save it.  And with that saved time,

you can accomplish much more in your life. Get more business, service more customers and even take a little time off for yourself.

What does a simple booking system cost these days?

How about  $39.00 a year  and for the first 350 customers, no tax either.  That us just over 10 cents a day.


So I designed the simplest on-line appointment software out there.



Please don't forget to register or sign-in,

 after making  the appointment.


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